Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Conflicting reports, but Mili is a Cardinal

Mike Jurecki, of KDUS Sports Radio, reports the Seattle Seahawks have reached a four-year deal with TE Itula Mili. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Then another radio show announced that KDUS screwed the pooch and that he actually signed with the Cardinals. It seems that the latter got it right.
ESPN is now reporting that Mili has signed a deal with the Arizona Cardinals for four years, terms were undisclosed.

What's the deal with all of our guys defecting to the Cards? Seems like Arizona has suddenly become the place to go. This is really not good, we keep losing good players, but worse, we are losing them to our division rivals.

Too bad they won't take Koren Robinson.

So far the Rams have made moves to upgrade their LB core, (jury's still out on whether those moves will work out, I don't think they will), and the Cards are upgrading left and right, with some of our own players. We really had better do something soon, or this will become the worst offseason we have had in a long long time.


  1. After further review...we have a reversal. Mili is a Seahawk!

    Apparently an Arizona web site posted "Mili Signs" indicating that he signed with the Seahawks, but ESPN misinterpreted this as him signing with the Cardinals.

    ESPN has updated their Wednesday Wrap Up link and now properly shows Mili as re-signing with the Seahawks.

    Still no official word on or any of the news wires though.

  2. this could go either way...

    they may of gotten mixed up with Okeafor or something

    id honestly be shocked if he did re-sign with us...and to be honest, im not sure if i want him back...would this mean...

    NO BUBBA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :( :( :(

    either way...nice to see you Albany Hawker...

  3. AlbaNY Hawker:

    Drop me an email (address is in my profile) if you're interested in contributor privileges here. You've got a long resume of good takes, and we could use another someone with your wit, savvy and team loyalties to add topical threads to this blog.

    Mili's a good TE for the money. Not great, but he can block and catch.

    Four years, though? Isn't he already 32? That's a lot of miles for a tight end.

  4. It's official (apparently) according to ESPN, Mili's staying in Seattle.