Monday, March 21, 2005

And the evolution continues...

There's a GREAT aricle in the News Tribune today regarding the Seahawks organization, how they're viewed by the rest of the league owners, and what new leadership's ultimate goal is within this venue:

CEO Tod Leiweke foresees a day when the Seahawks’ relevance extends beyond their Super Bowl-winning head coach. His vision goes like this: “That we’re respected by the league, that we’re smart in how we run the team side and the business side, that our expertise is coveted at committee levels and our opinion is sought overall.

It gives a good snapshot summary of how the Seahawks allowed themselves to slip into a state of irrelevence within the NFL over the years, but shows that the new leadership that's in place in Kirkland hopes to turn that around over the next few years.

The most telling and encouraging quotes though came from Holmgren, who seems to be benind the "new guys" 100%

“The organization has been outside the window for a long time,” Holmgren said. “But we have a tremendous management team in place and we have people who would be good on those committees. “Tod will become involved naturally. Tim is going to be great. Reinfeldt is outstanding. Gary Wright is the best at what he does.

Let's hope these plans take root and we'll earn the respect within the NFL higher echelon by earning victories and championships on the field!


  1. you forget that this is Seattle

    even when we accomplish something, we dont get respect...its part east coast bias, and part flat out dislike

    everyone says you need to earn it, but yet the Suns, Wizards, and Rockets are well respected in the NBA right now while Seattle is still considered a fluke...yet we're better then two of them, and right behind the 3rd...if the others are considered dangerous then why aren't the Sonics?

    respect is irrelevant now

    even if we won the Super Bowl, or the World Series, or the NBA title, we probably will be considered a fluke anyways

    the FO should be more worried about being a dark horse then trying to be a force or a dynasty

    as for respect among the other FOs...thats prolly possible...but I doubt teams are going to be shaping their FO like us 10 years from now like they do with Boston's NE Patriots team

  2. 'respect' is one of the main issues im highly opiniated on

    Respect, Refs, Fans stupidity and favoritism (popularity contests), Experts, EC bias, Jackass players, (TO, F. Mitch, Bulger, Garcia), and steroids

    on a side note, im shocked America is shocked about McGwire doing steroids...Sosa did too, but at least he didnt admit are idiots, they believe what they want

    Griffey never did them...and he was always better then the other two, with or without them...but yet he is still forgotten...I hate fans

  3. Man, you're THIS surly and you haven't even heard about losing Hartwell yet. YIKES!

  4. This was good news: Ruskell "skipped the meetings this year because the Seahawks needed him to focus on draft preparations."

    Pick us some good ones, boss.

    BTW: We need a draft board thread, or a link to a printable list of prospects to check off as they're picked, it's fun to follow the draft that way, because you can see who's left when it's the Seahawks' turn. Anybody got a current list?

  5. I think either or cbssportsline has a list of the top players in the draft (like 50-100 or something)

    im sure there is a list somewhere...

    I would look for a top 100 somewhere

  6. Ya want a really good laugh? Go back and read some of teh old comments from earlier threads, about the FO and such, man what a turn around in opinions of the FO and the organization in general. (well excluding the usual whiners here)

    This place is much more organization freindly than the Times site.

  7. NFL draft countdown has the top 250
    pre-combine prospects,and scouting reports.