Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Man, I Hate the Rams

This is not the timeliest of articles, but I've got to get this off my chest.

I was over at the STL boards this morning looking for Bryce Fisher info, and couldn't help getting into a tussle with them. My sig over there has a banner that says "NFC West Division Champs" and love to rub their noses in it.

But the crazy thing is that they, for the most part think that they are they real champs and are so much better than us despite our better record. It's easy to shoot down, but I'm just sick of it.

Bottom line is that we need to whoop their a$$es next year. To me, it's bigger than a playoff game. I look forward to them shutting up.

So what do you think? Would it be better to play on their turf first, or beat them in the Q?


  1. I think to truly put them in their place, we'll need to beat them at the Ed. A win at home isn't as impressive.

  2. I think with a healty Winstrom and a fired up Fisher, we're going to sweep the Lambs next season, so it doesn't matter where we play first.

    We'll probably split again with the Cards (I hope) but that's still two more net wins on the books!

    Great graphic for this Topic!

  3. this has become one of the bigger rivalries (if not, then the biggest) around right now in the NFL...

    at least out of playoff teams...

    too bad the Rams need refs falling in front of us or us to have horrible injuries to win games...

    ill never give respect to them, EVER...I dontcare if they won the super bowl 14 times in a row...theyre a bunch of pricks and can lick my ass

    no they cant even lick my ass...they can just...

    im not gonna say anymore...I HATE THEM...i even snapped at my harmless uncle who poked fun at my Seahawks (he didnt think I was THAT hateful)

    you're not a true Seahawk fan if you dont hate those bastards...even Bryce Fisher's dad booed his own son when the Rams came to play Seattle

  4. And Blue, to echo Alba....Props on the pic.

  5. I hate the clams with a passion,but I hate to admit it the beat us 3 times last year and in the playoffs.To me our division tittle means nothing if we lost to them in the playoffs,those basturds.Now that I think of it I hate Bobby Engram.I cannot trust him to make any catch much less a
    crucial one.

  6. Sho, ya sure throw the hate word around a lot, is there anyone ya like?

    You don't trust Bobby to make any catch? Really, the most consistant WR we've had in a long, long time.

    The drop was on a tough pass with a lot on it, thrown on the run in traffic and very low. Probably the toughest pass he's had to try and catch all season.

    What do you want to do, get rid of Engram now?

    Tell ya what why don't you put that one to a vote here on these boards.

  7. By the way Sho, what did ya think of Hartwell's comments about playing for Rhodes? Just curious.

  8. I rest easyer thinking that Hartwell likes ray rhodes.One thing I have heard is that Hartwell is pricing himself out of the market,GM's say that he is only a two down run stuffer,I don't want to over pay for a guy that can only play two downs per series.
    Understand that this thread brings back bad memorys of that damn non-catch,don't make excuses for him that ball was right on the money
    Engrams just Bucknered it.I know we shouldn't get rid of him I don't think I hate him but he pisses me off.
    Bill Buckner had a very good career,but he's only remembered for one play.It's going to be the same for Engram,I just don't like making excuses for over payed
    PRO athletes who drop balls.
    Remember,PRO RECIEVER,not amature.

  9. Before you get too down on Engram, remember, that catch would have AT BEST tied the game, cuz I don't see Holmy going for 2 in that situation. Who's to say what would have happened in OT, especially since we were playing with a depleted defense that was sucking wind from exhaustion.

    That's ancient history now, and I'll bet two games into 2005 Mr. Engram will do some things for us to make us forget that drop.

  10. He might,but Engram was our only reciever I didn't have to worry that much about.He was our clutch guy now I'll cringe every time he gets the ball thown his way.