Friday, March 18, 2005

What Can Brown Do For You?

Since we're all just hanging out waiting for Hartwell news, I thought it may be good to talk about someone else for a change. The Seahawks have expressed interest in the ex-Brown Courtney Brown.

Stats from

He came from Penn State, which is always good for D Linement and LBs, and had a monster rookie year. His production trailed off, and last year was non-existent due to injury.

What do you think? Is there an UPShot?


  1. this brings up something I wanted to mention...

    the Seahawks hired this scouting guy recently, and his most recent stint was with the Browns...thats not good at all, as the Browns get bust after bust (unless we want a TE)

    Courtney Brown is ok, I believe a change of scenerey will help him...and he his very athletic, having 4.5 sacks in the 5 games he played in 2001...but we got Bryce Fisher now, and right now, I trust him

    name-wise, Brown is better, but skills-wise, I think Fisher is a better fit...

    I mean, if they got Brown without overpaying (which wil happen considering Washington and Denver is involved)...I wouldnt mind a rotation

  2. If you were measuring talent and skill,hands down Brown.But brown can't stay healthy to save his life,the only way I would want him is for the league minimum,So fisher
    is the better pick of the two,only because of injury.

  3. Oh Sit! I just got the UPShot joke!

    LOL hoooie! That's some funny sh*t man!