Thursday, March 10, 2005

Blogger Sucks!!!!

Hey, all

Have you been having trouble with this site today? This morning was unbelievable -- I couldn't post anything to save my life, comments OR new threads. I'm not getting any reply from blogger about the situation, but I wonder if it's because we've had a sixfold increase in our traffic. It really seems as though our capacity here is limited.

There are also limitations with the 'blog' format. For instance, good threads get buried, because there is no automatic change in priority when a new comment is added. I've added it to the 'wish list' at blogspot, but it has been ignored. There are actually a lot of issues with navigation when we try to use a blog in this manner.

Anyway, I'm strongly considering moving to a message board format. Not like the archaic PI or Times forums, but one of the more modern ones. There are several services I'm looking into. But before I go any further, I really wanted your input. After all it's really the collective that make the site what it is. If I set up something that's not really desirable to the most of us, it's really for naught.

So what do you think? Has this site been working for you? Should we stick with the now? Can you think of a better name than 12 Seahawks Street?

One thing I'm considering, too, is making a site with three different subsites: Seahawks, Mariners, and Sonics. We'd have to recruit Moderators for the other two, but it might get nice cross-support.

Let me know, guys. You have an important voice on this one.

P.S. Since posting to this site is so unreliable today, just email me at


  1. I should re-emphasize that we really need a good name for our site. I'm not quite happy with the current one.

    "The 12th Man" is taken.

  2. im very comfortable with this site, but there are plenty of problems with the posting---if you see a double post anywhere, its because 'the page cannot be displayed screen' pops i re-post, only to find my origninal post was made...

    i really like the set up...nothing too fancy, simple...and not futuristic (like ESPN's entire group of subsites)

    as for the Mariners and Sonics...that would be hard to keep up simply because this one for the Seahawks, gets updated every 3 seconds by you, me, or someone else...i like the idea...but it would be difficult if you're a fan of all 3

    and for the about 'The Teal Curtain' :P...

    on a serious note, if you like the 12th man...why not make it 'Seattle's 12th Man'?

  3. I honestly like 12 Seahawks street, but agree wholeheartedly with the blogs problems. I say we stick here until we find something that pops though.