Monday, March 28, 2005

Please Pardon Our Dust

Thanks for the input, guys. I'm just moving this thread up so your input can be maintained.

Some things to come:

A link in the 'Nav' area to a simple admin blog, just for organization and blogger how-to.(Notice it's started already with the 'join' link.)

A FAQ link.

When the games begin, assignments can be volunteered for, i.e., posts focused on game previews & matchups, rising stars, insight into stats, posts dedicated to certain players.

Thanks for everything you guys do. You're making this the best independent site out there, IMHO.

Whatever you do, have fun.


  1. Blue - as I've posted in the shout out section in the past, on behalf of everyone here, I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to you for your efforts in creating and tending this site.

    The new changes look great and I am willing to help out in whatever way I can.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Blue, as long as keeps up their end of the bargain, this is on it's way to becoming the best site for Seahawks info and discussion on the web. I love that everyone contributes so well, and while we all have differing opinions (Just bring up Alexander, and watch the sparks fly) we all present them in an intelligent, and logical manner, rather than just spouting insults. I feel that everyone deserves a little credit for this, but Blue, you deserve the most by far. You've gone above and beyond with the construction and upkeep of this site. For that, I say Thank You and GO HAWKS!

  3. And by the by, anything you'd like me to do, I'd love to do it.

  4. "....we all present them in an intelligent, and logical manner, rather than just spouting insults."

    Apparently P hasn't read any of 'MY' posts. :)

    And absolutely cudos to Blue and everyone involved in the creation and growth of this awesome site. Thanks, Mr. Hawkalugi

  5. P.S. I too liked the football swosh and logo rather than just the plain logo.

  6. Blue - couple more suggestions.

    1. can we get a direct link to Edit a Topic, like we have for Creating one?

    2. can we create a link where visitors can go to request access to post, so they don't have to do it anonymously?

    3. can you and do you want to deputize some of the others of us to help you manage the site?

  7. Thanks for the input!

    1. Done, good idea.

    2. I have a different login/access setup as an admin. an can't find what to link to. If you have the url for this, I'm all over it.

    3. That's coming very soon.

    Thanks again to everyone,