Friday, March 11, 2005

Blogger Problems Being Dealt With?

I found the following post in the Blogger help forum. Apparently they have been struggling with the app for a couple of weeks (it's not our site traffic). It does have a recommendation that seems to work in the meantime, with the logout/shutdown routine.

Blogger Status
Friday, February 18, 2005
In the past several days, we've seen some performance problems with Blogger. In general, the app has been slower and users have encountered an increased number of Internal Server Errors.

We are aggressively fixing the source of the errors and have pushed several fixes in the past few days to address the problem. There is additional work to do to return Blogger back to a more responsive state - and we're on it. If you find yourself seeing errors, please logout of Blogger and completely shutdown your browser. When you restart your browser and log back in, you will be on a new appserver which may be less loaded and thus performing better.

Thanks for hanging in there as we straighten out this issue.

Posted by Jason at 8:58 AM

Oh well.

Is this why everyone seems to have left the site without kissing me goodbye?


  1. I don't know about a kiss Blue, but I'm still hangin around.

  2. LOL

    Our visitor average is still going up in spite of this mess. We just jumped over 300 per day yesterday...

    Never give up, never surrender!!!

  3. Another update from Blogger staff:

    Blogger Status
    Friday, March 11, 2005
    In the past several days, we've had a bout of stability problems with Blogger. Yesterday morning, users were encountering errors when trying to login and access their blogs.

    During this time, mail-to-blogger was temporarily disabled in an attempt to resolve some of the difficulties - it is once again back on, altho' message processing may be delayed. Additionally, we are working on a patch to fix a bug that has prevented many users from leaving comments today.

    Most of these problems were caused by an increased amount of load on the application servers. We have addressed this problem by increasing the number of machines that serve the site. However, there is more work to do. In addition to bringing on more machines and completing additional capacity planning, we are also working to identify and correct problematic database queries. These queries are poorly optimized and lead to the increased load that jeopardized the service in the past few days.

    As a Blogger user, I completely understand how unacceptable the performance has been in the past few days and it is the focus of the engineering team to fix these issues.

    Posted by Jason at 3:43 PM

  4. Blue we're all still here, someones got to run the intervention to keep ya from hangin' yourself before the season starts. :-)

  5. Blue by the way there's a guy next door at the Times that I think you could consider as a contributor, Link is apparently connected and has quit a bit of insight and would be a great fit. Perhaps ya should contact him. Just a thought.

    And I haven't mentioned lately how much I like my home away from home here on Seahawks Street.

  6. Thanks, Vinny.

    Who is this guy? Not even a screen name?